An Exquisite Gem…

In West Texas amongst the vast open plains sits a wonderful nod to elegance on the streets of Lubbock, Texas. It is an exquisite gem in the middle of the West Texas landscape.

In Lubbock we found impeccable taste and grace created by Lupe Blakeley of Capricho Interiors. Capricho is more than an interior design center or lifestyle furniture store, it is a retail store that is more like a fine home in its styling and in the way visitors are served and received. Each detail is a reflection of the owner…right down to the marble cabinets and art selections. Lupe invited Lili Alessandra for a day of special events on September 10, and it was memorable. A wise entrepreneur, Lupe knows how to do events as they should be done.

Our day began with an exclusive brunch where we were joined by some of the area’s top interior designers. We gathered at an elegant table positioned in the Design Center amongst the library of fabric swatches. To my delight, the table set next to a fabulous bed featuring our SOHO collection of white linen and straw velvet, not ready for release until January 2016. Fresh flowers adorned the entrance to the design center and the table center piece was filled with Capricho gift bags containing a hand selected scented candle for each guest.

I so enjoyed visiting with Angie Kahn, Karla Burke, Sally Halliburton, Kim Porter, and Jamie Becknal. The stories they shared with me about the relationships they had with their customers exemplified personal customer service at the highest level. I can see why they are so well received. We laughed and connected over refreshing pink lemonade champagne and a brunch feast.

From the brunch, we went to a training seminar for the selling associates which again was done with taste and intelligence. The day ended with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres honoring Capricho’s top clientele. Rarely does one see such attention to detail throughout an entire event.

The day was a West Texas whirlwind of a different kind. I was so impressed with the professionalism of it all.

I look forward to a long relationship with Lupe and her team.

“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life.”

- Elsie de Wolfe, America’s first interior designer, early 1900s