The Story of Lili Alessandra

As with most things in life, a new chapter starts because a previous one has suddenly ended. The formation of Lili Alessandra is no different. Sandra Hernandez Yedor started her career in retail, thriving and working her way up the company ladder. All of a sudden, the company was purchased and its employees were let go. After much hard work and determination, Sandra was back at Square One.

She viewed this abrupt end as an opportunity to turn a page, reinvent her career, and follow her passions. Half a year away from the industry and one trip to Europe later, Sandra returned, reinvigorated, to start Lili Alessandra. Focusing on luxury fabrics and timeless design, the company began networking with high-end online stores and brick & mortar boutiques to sell their products around the world. A flagship storefront was opened in San Antonio, Texas, to display bedding collections and offer in-person service.

Lili Alessandra is an extension of who Sandra is as a person and a designer. Knowing that a signature style will help convey that, Sandra focuses on creating unique, timeless designs and works with photographers, designers and stylists who help bring that signature style to life both online and in print. “We want to make our customers happy,” says Sandra. “Bedding is like fashion, but it’s about fabric and textiles inside your home and you get to enjoy it every single day. If we accomplish those things, I think we’re on the right track.”

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