Bed Skirts


    When you have curated a cohesive decorating theme in your home, you want it to look complete instead of clashing with bed legs and box springs. Luxury bed skirts continue the color palette of your design theme all the way down to the floor. But even the most beautiful silken bed skirt serves an important purpose in your home. Bed skirts help keep dust and other particles from accumulating on the floor under the bed.

    The space under the bed is popular for storage because it’s out of sight and does not take up any additional space on the floor. However, the sight of under-the-bed storage boxes subtly sabotages the décor in any bedroom. A gathered or tailored designer bed skirt offers discreet coverage for under-the-bed storage. Depending on your style, a tailored linen bed skirt may be perfect, as it meets the floor with its crisp, clean edges.

    Learn how to install our bed skirts on any queen or king sized bed.